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Whether you're a seasoned TPLO veteran or a small fracture specialist, each and every surgery is an opportunity to pursue perfection. Your tools are an essential part of your success. 

What if you could halve your expensive implant shelf inventory, do an equally great job with the same 90% success rate, and use the highest quality implants for a fraction of what you're paying now?

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Coach Optimal Recovery

Innovative Protein-Based Supplements for Healthy Bones and Joints in Dogs

Pets clients and veterinarians are equally motivated to optimize post-surgical care by reducing pain, exercise, and overall recovery time. It is common knowledge that proper home care, exercise, physical therapy, and nutrition are key to minimize downtime.

A revolutionary new bone and join supplement with patented biotechnology, Boneo Canine (R) Clinical Formula, works by actively supporting bone turnover, which can be beneficial for dogs that are undergoing bone healing.